About the Migration Initiative

The Migration Initiative is a collaborative co-creation space for intersectoral dialogue on migration.


Our mission is to build an open-access knowledge network across academic and non-academic audiences including emerging scholars, academics and researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, community groups, newcomers, and the general public.   


We believe that the production of accessible policy-relevant research is an important element in shaping decisions, reconstructing narratives, and catalyzing change. 

Our goal is to mobilize intersectoral and multidisciplinary knowledge exchanges between researchers and stakeholders. We do this by providing peer-reviewed publishing opportunities for:

  • Emerging scholars under our research clusters

  • Individuals with lived refugee experiences under our "Refugee Experience" cluster

  • Stakeholders including practitioners working with governmental and non-governmental agencies to provide services to migrants, community groups, policy-makers under our knowledge cluster

Community Partners and Supporters:

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Publish with the Migration Initiative

Interested in learning more about how to publish with the Migration Initiative? Head over to our Submission Guidelines page!