Research Clusters

Our research and knowledge clusters provide emerging scholars, researchers, practitioners, and newcomers with a space to present their experiences, insights from the field, and research on policy issues in the field of migration.


The Migration Initiative identifies the production of accessible policy-relevant research as an important element in shaping policy-decisions, reconstructing narratives, and catalyzing change.

We also recognize that publishing outside of academic journals can be a significant method of

engaging, disseminating, and communicating relevant policy issues to a broader audience including policy-makers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, migrants and refugees, and the general public. 

Our goal is to enrich our knowledge network with research on migration policy. By disseminating written pieces in a language that is accessible to non-academic audiences, we aim to facilitate intersectoral knowledge exchanges between emerging scholars, policy-makers, and stakeholders. 

Ongoing submissions from graduate students, researchers, practitioners in the field of migration, and

refugees are welcome. 

Refugee Protection

This research area examines the impacts of Canada’s refugee policy, protection programs, and practices. Submissions on topics including the In-Canada Asylum Program, the Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program (government, private or blended visa sponsorship programs),  and the refugee determination process (asylum claims, detention, appeals) are welcome.

Borders and Irregular Migration

This research area examines the shifting policy landscapes and intersections of territory, borders, and migration. Submissions on topics including but not limited to irregular migration, non-status migrants, border controls, extra-territorialization, securitization, criminalization of migrants, and state sovereignty are welcome.

Labor Migration

This research area examines the policy issues emerging out of the various methods of migration management in Canada. Submissions on topics including but not limited to labour  migration, international students (Provincial Nominee Program), temporary, seasonal and agricultural workers (Federal Skilled Worker Program).

Identity Politics and Belonging

This research area examines the impacts of cultural or diaspora policy in Canada especially within racialized communities. Submissions including but not limited to inequality, marginalization, social inclusion/exclusion, national belonging, sanctuary cities, and public attitudes towards newcomers are welcome.


Frontline Views

Frontline Views is a co-creation space for stakeholders (i.e. practitioners and

policy-makers) to share personal experiences, practical knowledge and insights from the field. 


The goal of Frontline Views is to increase the accessibility of on-the-ground experiences of  community groups, policy-makers, and practitioners. In doing so, it aims to enrich, inform and connect various stakeholders to migration research by disseminating evidence-based knowledge.


The Refugee Experience

The Refugee Experience is a co-creation space for migrants, refugees, and newcomers. 


This cluster aims to amplify refugee experiences and mobilize knowledge on refugee policy outcomes in Canada.


Publish with the Migration Initiaitive

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